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React Native EU 2018


September 5-6th 2018

Workshops - September 3-4th
Networking party - September 5th
Wroclaw, Poland
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First community conference in Europe, focused exclusively on React Native. Community, core contributors, insights, networking and tons of knowledge - that's all waiting for you in one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe, Wroclaw.

Feel the good vibes of last year’s edition!

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  • Sara Vieira Sara Vieira YLD

    Developer Advocate at @YLDio. GraphQL and Open Source enthusiast. Conference Speaker and Airport expert. I am also into drums and horror movies.

  • David Vacca David Vacca Facebook

    David Vacca is a software engineer passionate about mobile development. He works in the React Native team at Facebook, where he is currently developing the next version of React Native.

  • GANT LABORDE Gant Laborde Infinite Red

    Gant Laborde is a software consultant, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. He volunteers as a mentor, an “open sourcerer”, and aspires to one day become a mad scientist. His React Native prowess is prevalent through blogs, videos, and maintainer status in popular repositories. His title is Chief Technology Strategist for Infinite Red. Follow Gant’s adventures at http://gantlaborde.com/

  • Quinlan Jung Quinlan Jung EXPO

    Quinlan is a software engineer at Expo, an open source toolchain built around React Native. She’s previously worked on the Elastic Block Store at Amazon Web Services.

  • Harry Tormey Harry Tormey

    Harry is an experienced Mobile Software Engineer who has worked at prominent Bay Area companies such as Apple and Facebook. At Facebook he worked as an iOS engineer on both the search and commerce teams building customer facing features that shipped in the main Facebook app. At Apple he worked on the Core Audio team where he specialized in frameworks for multimedia Desktop and Mobile Applications. Harry has also shipped a number of React Native applications and runs a consultancy that specializes in mobile development and training. Harry has trained and consulted at organizations ranging in size from startups to fortune 500 companies.

  • Samuli Hakoniemi Samuli Hakoniemi Punos Mobile

    Samuli is a long time entrepreneur who's in deep love with React Native. He works mostly with start-ups and also keeps himself busy by organising events in Finland.

  • Jani Eväkallio Jani Eväkallio Formidable Labs

    Jani, a veteran of the Frontend Framework wars, has earned his battle scars writing JavaScript on the bleeding edge for the last decade. Today, he leads a team building cross-stack React mobile and web apps at Formidable London. He gets childishly excited about beautiful user interactions and design tools. In his spare time, he performs improvised comedy and speaks at conferences advocating for the React ecosystem, particularly React Native and GraphQL.

  • Mike Grabowski Mike Grabowski Callstack

  • Eric Vicenti Eric Vicenti

    Creator of Aven, a full-stack framework for web and React Native apps. Author and maintainer of React Navigation with Expo. Formerly on Facebook’s open source team and the React Native team.

  • Krzysztof Magiera Krzysztof Magiera Software Mansion

    Ex-facebooker and co-creator of React Native. Now as a head of mobile at Software Mansion working on performance focused improvements for animations and gesture handling to React Native and Expo.

  • Matt Hargett Matt Hargett PlayStation

    Matt Hargett has been programming for over 30 years. He lives in San Francisco with his husband, daughter, and dog. His music can be found on all digital storefronts as “the making of the making of”.

  • Stanisław Chmiela Stanisław Chmiela Software Mansion

    Currently a Software Mansioner happy to tackle and solve all the problems I face! Jumped into Expo almost a year ago and have been happy to help accelerate mobile app development since then. Previously worked on React frontends, Ruby and Elixir backends and both RN and native iOS mobile apps.

  • Akshat Paul Akshat Paul McKinsey & Company

    Akshat Paul is a developer & Author of the book React Native iOS development essentials with Apress and Rubymotion book with Packtpub (and Technical Reviewer for many titles over years). He has extensive experience of mobile & web development and has delivered many enterprise and consumer applications over the years. In other avatars, Akshat frequently speaks at conferences and meetups on various technologies. He has given talks at The DevTheory India, devops@Scale Amsterdam, RubyConfIndia, #inspect-RubyMotion Conference brussels and was KeyNote speaker at technology leadership events in Bangkok & KL on TDD. Besides writing code Akshat spends time with his family, is an avid reader and obsessive about healthy eating.

  • Vladimir Novick Vladimir Novick

    Software Architect, independent consultant, worldwide speaker, co-organizer of ReactJS Israel, Author of "React Native - Build mobile apps with JavaScript" book and several workshops and courses. He brings years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem and is one of early React and React Native adopters. On daily basis Vladimir works in Web, Mobile, VR/AR and IoT fields both for customers and on personal projects. Previously he worked in Sports, Gaming & Video industries as Lead Architect & Team Leader

  • Narendra Shetty Narendra Shetty Booking.com

    Narendra is a Frontend developer at Booking.com. React / React Native enthusiast. He cares about performance and believes that performance is a key for conversion.

  • Wouter van den Broek Wouter van den Broek Synappz Mobile Health

    Mobile developer for more than 15 years, moving from SMS, I-mode, Symbian to iOS, Android and now React Native. Coming from web development (both front and backend) which made me appreciate React Native even more. Building apps for over 10 years with always special needs as high interest, that’s why I landed in the world of eHealth and mHealth. Making apps for patients and caregivers to create that 'dent in the universe' for them.

  • Radek Pietruszewski Radek Pietruszewski Nozbe

    Software writer, proud generalist, senior skeptic. Leads iOS and Mac development at Nozbe. His background is in native development for Apple platforms, but for the past two years he's been working on next-generation apps built with React Native. You can follow Radek at @radexp and his blog on radex.io

  • Rafael de Oleza Rafael de Oleza Facebook

    Frontend developer with more than 10 years of experience and enthusiastic focus on bringing the developer experience of the Web to Mobile development. He’s part of the JavaScript Foundation team at Facebook where he maintains Metro, the React Native bundler.

  • Roy Derks Roy Derks Hackteam

    Roy Derks has been working as a Full-Stack Developer for multiple startups over the last 5 years. Over a year ago he co-founded SwitchBay, where he holds the position of Technical Founder and CTO. Avidly tweets about everything related to JavaScript using #javascriptEverywhere.

  • Pavlo Babenko Pavlo Babenko Axsy

    Pavlo is a software consultant and a web developer. His path started from the Rails development six years ago, then went to web frontend (React.js, Ember.js) and for past two years, he’s pioneering React Native in his company.

Workshop hosts

  • Jani Evakallio Jani Eväkallio Formidable Labs
  • Nader Dabit Nader Dabit AWS
  • Makar Stetsenko Makar Stetsenko Silicon Valley Insight

    Makar is a digital nomad and product engineer at Silicon Valley Insight where he builds cross platform applications and data management solutions. He has formerly published an academic paper on Recommender Systems and enthusiastically promotes GraphQL through workshops when possible.

  • Vladimir Novick Vladimir Novick

    Software Architect, independent consultant, worldwide speaker, co-organizer of ReactJS Israel, Author of "React Native - Build mobile apps with JavaScript" book and several workshops and courses. He brings years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem and is one of early React and React Native adopters. On daily basis Vladimir works in Web, Mobile, VR/AR and IoT fields both for customers and on personal projects. Previously he worked in Sports, Gaming & Video industries as Lead Architect & Team Leader


Each workshop day will end around 6 PM CEST.

The workshops ticket includes the whole, 2-day session. On the second day, you can chose freely between the workshops from both tracks.

September 3rd

Mateusz Zatorski, Krzysztof Borowy & Luke Walczak

Getting Started with React Native [an all-day session]

About the workshop

With React Native, you don't build a “mobile web app”, an “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app”. You build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You just put those building blocks together using JavaScript and React. In this workshop you'll learn from the team of awesome developers from Callstack, who build a variate of React Native applications on a daily basis. They will guide you through the framework, ecosystem, syntax, and best practices to build a real-world application.

  • Introduction to React Native (setting up project, tools, debug)
  • Quick glance at the standard app
  • Core components (layout, styling)
  • Lists (ScrollView, ListView)
  • Navigation
  • Animations
  • Native modules

Before the workshop, please follow the installation instructions to prepare all the software dependencies. macOS devices are preferred, but *nix and Windows powered machines would also work, although you won't be able to build iOS applications. No React Native knowledge is required. Participants should be familiar with Javascript and ideally, basics of React. We will do a quick introduction to both before we start though.

Link to the installation instructions

Environment setup instructions prerequisites

September 4th

I track
Jani Eväkallio & Phil Plückthun
Formidable Labs

Advanced React Native Interactions & Animations

About the workshop

Animations and interactions are what brings your apps alive and make them feel native.

In last year's workshop we covered the basics of the Animated and PanResponder APIs. This year we'll jump right into practice and cover the latest React Native tools for interactive animation!

  • Low-level animations with react-native-reanimated
  • Declarative gestures with react-native-gesture-handler
  • Implementing custom scene transitions for React Navigation

Familiarity with React Native development will help you get the most out of this workshop.

Makar Stetsenko
Silicon Valley Insight

Building Fullstack Apps with GraphQL & Apollo

About the workshop

GraphQL has drastically changed the way how we interact with APIs by providing a strongly-typed layer for client-server communication. This notably improves performance by letting clients request the specific data they need using a simple and declarative syntax. Thanks to the GraphQL schema which serves as the contract for all possible API operations, GraphQL further introduces many benefits to local development workflows (such as compile-time error checks and editor auto-completion) and the overall API tooling space.

In this workshop, you will learn how to
  • Design a GraphQL schema
  • Build and deploy a GraphQL server with Node (or TypeScript) and GraphQL bindings
  • Tie your React components to the GraphQL API using Apollo Client
  • Interact with the API in realtime using GraphQL subscriptions
  • Make the most out of existing GraphQL tools"
II track
Vladimir Novick

Building Augmented Reality game with React Native

About the workshop

Augmented Reality is not only a buzzword, it's also a global trend, lots of companies invest into. Last year Apple and Google introduced ArKit and ArCore as iOS and Android solutions for building mobile apps. In this workshop we will see how we can use these frameworks from within React Native application and will build an Augmented reality game.

Nader Dabit

Building Cloud Enabled React Native Applications with AWS Amplify

About the workshop

AWS has many services that help mobile application developers abstract away complex functionality such as User Authentication, Push Notifications, and Storage. In this workshop, we'll look at how to leverage powerful AWS services using the Amplify library in a React Native environment.

Conference agenda

September 5th

September 6th

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Wroclaw Congress Center
Wroblewskiego 1
Wroclaw, 50-001

HalaStulecia HalaStulecia


Pronounciation: /ˈvrɒtswɑːf/

How to get to Wroclaw

By Plane

The airport is located 10 km from the city center. You can get to the city center by the bus, but you can also find car rental companies on the arrival.

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By Train

Conference venue is located across the street from the city’s main railway station.

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By Bus

The bus station is placed 800 m from the conference venue and operates international services to many European countries.

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By Car

Wroclaw is located at the crossroads of many national and international routes, such as: 5, 35, 94, 98, A8, E67, E261, A4, E40.


Important info

Typical weather in September



Power sockets type E
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Daily accommodation and food cost.

300-400 PLN on average
(70 - 95 EUR)

Tourist attractions

  • Wroclaw ZOO and Africarium
    Wroclaw ZOO and Africarium

    Poland's first oceanarium and the only one in the world dedicated to flora and fauna of just one continent.

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  • Market Square
    Market Square

    One of the most beautiful old market squares in Europe, with the Old Town Hall and one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.

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  • Ostrów Tumski
    Ostrów Tumski

    Probably most popular tourist attraction in Wroclaw. The original urban settlement with old gas lanterns and Odra water cruises.

    See more
  • Hydropolis

    Water science museum with multimedia and interactive installations, one of only few of this type in the world.

    See more
  • Kolejkowo

    The largest railway model in Poland, featuring Wrocław and Lower Silesia with its railways in miniature.

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  • Polinka

    Fly across the Odra river with Wroclaw University Of Technology’s cableway.

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